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About Perri

Reverend Perri Roberts, affectionately known to his congregants as “Pastor Perri,” is the long-time shepherd of Branch Tabernacle Church in Redlands, California. The family church he leads is not far from his hometown of San Bernardino, where most of the dramatic events in Dying for Love: The Plain Truth About Homosexuality took place.

Pastor Perri has spent much of his life, under God’s direction, bringing a greater level of healing, empowerment and transformation to the lives of those he touches, whether they are “homosexual or heterosexual.” He is a theologian, a multi-gifted speaker who speaks on many subjects, other than sexual dysfunctions, a personal coach, a mentor, an author and most of all, a friend to people who need a “hand up in life.” His approach is powerful, motivational, intuitive, humorous, and the results are deeply felt as Pastor Roberts always gives God the glory!

Called to preach even before he was born (when a midwife prophesied over his father), Pastor Roberts somehow felt the presence of God through the first twenty-four years of his life, even as he struggled with a tumultuous home life, sexual abuse, hunger, poverty, and, finally, homosexuality, with all of its physical and emotional strongholds.
Perri’s was a life of searching—for the next lover, for “Mr. Right,” for understanding, for approval, for acceptance, for unconditional love. As a popular gay hairstylist in 1960s California, young Perri and his friends delighted in storming ladies’ boutiques to find the perfect dress for the next drag party, flamboyantly flaunting their homosexuality and beauty as they sent shock waves through store clerks and stunned passers-by.

In Dying for Love: The Plain Truth about Homosexuality, Pastor Roberts chronicles his remarkable journey from a painful childhood to a young adulthood filled with homosexuality and confused anguish…to glorious victory in Jesus Christ. As the book reveals, his transformation was not without an agonizing odyssey into the dark world of same-sex love with all its pleasures—and the bitter fruit of partaking in them.

Despite repeated visions calling him to serve God and a heartfelt knowledge that the Lord was protecting him throughout the early years, it took Roberts’s time to understand the biblical truth that homosexuality is not God’s will for anyone’s life. When the day finally came that the young prodigal accepted Jesus as his Savior, Roberts found not only deliverance from his gay lifestyle but also release from years of accumulated pain and confusion.

Now a single, abstinent minister of the Gospel, he has devoted his life to caring for God’s people, teaching them how a process he calls “imprinting” plants the seeds of homosexuality at a young age, and leading them into deliverance from gay and other addictive lifestyles.

“Most people in the church are simply ignorant about how to deal with homosexuality, or for that matter,
what causes homosexuality,” says Pastor Roberts. “And more and more families, Christian and non-Christian, are finding that, through cultural influences and experiences at school, as well as demonic brain washing, some of their children are being cultivated into the homosexual lifestyle—even without their knowledge.” Pastor Roberts teaches these parents how to take a “faith stand” for victory and recovery!

Educating the church on how to minister to current and former homosexuals and, most importantly, how to deal with the homosexual spirit if it arises in one’s family, is a key goal for Pastor Perri. As an expert witness on this topic, he has been featured on the TBN television network, the 700 Club, and numerous radio talk shows. In his crusades, many people are saved, gay and heterosexual. And many of these people are “healed miraculously” in their body as well as their soul by God’s power. Testimonials of miracles are heard in every service, and throughout the world.

Beyond his unforgettable testimony, which has been shared throughout the U.S. and in foreign countries, where God has sometimes had to protect him from hostile forces, Pastor Roberts also offers powerful lessons on the cause of homosexuality, the emotional and physical changes that take place in the body when a person experiments with this lifestyle, and how to find ultimate, lasting deliverance from it through God’s Word. Roberts’ gripping autobiography delivers a gritty emotional ride and an invaluable roadmap on the pathway toward true sexual freedom, human understanding, and spiritual enlightenment. Pastor Perri Roberts ministries, is committed to keeping their focus uncluttered, pure and simple, just like Christianity is supposed to be. Pastor Roberts has one goal, and one mission. And that is to lead people to Jesus Christ, salvation, healing, teaching and truth, and most of all, to live forever with the Lord in heaven!


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