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As a young, well known, gay hairstylist in 1960s California, Perri Roberts and his friends delighted in storming ladies' boutiques to find the perfect dress for their next drag party, flamboyantly flaunting their homosexuality and shocking the clerks. His was a life of searching—for the next lover, for Mr. Right, for understanding, for approval, for acceptance, for love—unconditional love.

In "Dying for Love: The Plain Truth About Homosexuality" Pastor Perri Roberts chronicles his remarkable journey from an abused childhood to a young adulthood filled with homosexuality, confusion, torment, and fear, to a glorious victory through Jesus Christ. Beyond his unforgettable story, Roberts offers powerful lessons on the cause of homosexuality, how to find deliverance, how to conduct spiritual warfare, and what Sodom and Gomorrah really mean. Parents, spouses, or others with gay loved ones—or those who want deliverance themselves—will find "Dying for Love; The Plain Truth About Homosexuality" an invaluable map on the road to freedom.



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