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Foreword by Dr. Ruth Koch
Streams of Healing Ministries

As I read Pastor Roberts’ book, I was deeply moved in my soul. This true story was immensely riveting and at times shocking as my mind was stimulated and enlightened to the plain truth about homosexuality.

I have traveled worldwide to more than fifty-three countries, preaching God’s Word to hundreds of thousands of people. I have led many of these people to Christ, both young and old. I’ve seen God heal peoples bodies of every kind of infirmity and I’ve called upon the name of Jesus and have seen our Savior and Lord deliver people from demonic powers. I’ve seen God do great and wonderful miracles for the rich, for heads of state, for the world’s impoverished, for starving Africans, for headhunters in the Philippines, and for America’s poor souls – who need a hand to lift the up out of sin and bondage.
I must confess I was ignorant about the subject of homosexuality and about God’s love for the precious souls caught in its web. I was in the dark about how a person became gay until I read this book. I knew there were gays, but I thought this lifestyle was in another world and really didn’t pertain to me.

I was taught in Bible college to evangelize people, to pray for the sick and hurting, as well as how to operate a church and to lead it to grow in number. In all this schooling, I was never told how minister to a gay person. I was never told “God loves the homosexual person, but not the sin”. I didn’t have the compassion I needed to reach gay people for Christ, nor did I see any compassion for them coming from my teachers or Christian associates. I ministered to the world, but I left the gay person out.

Then God had to give me a lesson in reality. My family learned that my dear, kind brother – married with two children – was a practicing homosexual. My family and I had never had to deal with a situation such as this, and now here it was staring us straight in our faces.

While our dear, praying, God-fearing mother chose to take the situation to God’s throne instead of to mortal ears, the rest of us pretended my brother was just “different”. We all refused to face the plain, hard truth about his gay lifestyle. I loved my brother, and I tried to fool myself into believing that this was just a phase he was going through. I didn’t know he was dying for love. Then one day, years later, my brother called me and said, “Sister dear, I’ve turned my life over to Jesus, and now I feel victorious. Mother’s and your prayers have been heard!”
I rejoiced with him, but I still refused to talk to him about the taboo topic of homosexuality. I assumed that he was saved, and I didn’t realize he needed support and understanding as he waved goodbye to the gay life. Two weeks later, I received a call telling me that my brother had dropped to the floor and died instantly of a massive heart attack.

If only I could have read this book thirty years ago. I would have been better prepared to deal with my brother’s (or anyone else’s) homosexuality. I would have been strengthened in my understanding, spiritually educated, and compassionately compelled the show God’s love. Thank God that all is not lost and I now have a vision, and I have this book as well as a wellspring of information and truth on this crucial subject.

After reading Dying For Love: The Plain Truth About Homosexuality, I am better armed to minister to any gay person, male or female, with God’s love and to bring that person out of Sodom and Gomorrah if he or she wants to come out. God has given Pastor Roberts scriptures from the Bible that will call your heart and enlighten you! My friend, you will find this book to be a library of revelation – and like watching a thrilling, full-length motion picture! This powerful and touching story is like three books rolled into one. Pastor Roberts tells an entertaining and absorbing story. It’s vivid, unforgettable, spiritually sound, and painfully wise. I applaud and triumph his faith, and I believe you will too.

This book will help you to open both your heart and your arms to welcome God’s hurting and loved people home when they want out of the gay lifestyle. The silence of the church about homosexuality will only help the Devil’s evil plan to bring the spoiled fruits of anxiety, perversion, fear and self-hatred to the table of the unsuspecting new believer to extinguish his or her God-given growth and learning processes.

My friend, it took godly courage, honesty, and sincerity for Pastor Roberts to write a book like this. His story is so timely for such a time as this to defuse any untruth that says, “Once gay, always gay.” It will bless, amuse, shock, encourage, and break your heart at times – and that’s a good thing. I highly and lovingly recommend Dying For Love: The Plain Truth about Homosexuality to you and yours.

In God’s great love,
Dr. Ruth Koch
Streams of Healing Ministries

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Foreword by Aunt Bernadine Buttram
Branch Tabernacle Church

This is a poignant true story about the restoration power of God’s love and God’s ability to forgive and deliver a man from homosexual bondage.

A powerful teaching tool on spiritual warfare and addictive behavior, this book offers stories and lessons about codependency, deliverance, spousal abuse, child molestation, generational curses and how to reverse them, and truth about what to do and what to look for regarding the occult. You will also learn how to defend yourself from evil and how to cope with life’s ups and downs. This book gives new voice to the subject of homosexuality.
Pastor Perri Roberts himself has touched people’s lives throughout the world, through television, radio, and his writings. He counsels people worldwide from every walk of life – the rich and famous and the poor and unknown – anyone who needs a helping hand or a compassionate ear or anonymity regarding his or her sins. Pastor Roberts prays for these people as he calls their names only to Jesus our Savior.
People come to Pastor Roberts’ church, the Branch Tabernacle Church in Redlands, California, needing healing, and God sends a special anointing to do just that. I’ve seen God move in a mighty way in prophecy and in gifts of the Holy Spirit through Pastor Roberts. This is a miracle book about God’s mighty hand on this man’s life.

In the following pages you will find laughter, joy, tears, heartaches, God’s grace, visions, the miraculous, Christian living, and most importantly, how to get and stay right with God, your Creator and mine.

This book is filled with life lessons for finding happiness and success. It tells how God is sending people from everywhere to partner with Pastor Roberts, and to share in the call to spread the gospel truth of Jesus Christ to all mankind.

This day represents the fullness of all the past experiences of your life. I invite you to join Pastor Perri Roberts in taking a small but giant step of faith that can lead you – as it has me – to the brink of something wonderful in your future.

Yours in Christ,
Aunt Bernadine Buttram
And the Branch Tabernacle Church

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