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Chapters 1-7:

The roots of Homosexuality unveiled as never before!

Young Perri chronicles his childhood experience of paternal rejection, sexual experimentation, and family dysfunction. His spellbinding search for love and acceptance is an intensely transparent, true story. Meet Preston, Perri’s first lover, and Preston’s unsuspecting wife, Susan. Journey across three generations of family history and through the sultry streets of 1960s California and into a demon-possessed house to see what Perri learned about God’s love—even before He embraced it as his own. See how one church heartlessly dealt with Perri and Preston’s homosexuality. Then in God’s love, learn how the Lord gave Perri a miracle!

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Chapters 8-14:

In these chapters, the saga continues as Perri makes his way through a turbulent family vacation, a violent flood, physical assaults on his person, the revenge of the victim , and witches who try any way they can to kill him. Laced with the raw truth about the dark forces that homosexuality can inspire in the human heart and unleash upon the uninformed! Perri’s honest, gritty biography is a roadmap into—or out of—homosexuality today.

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Chapters 15-21:

Are same-sex relationships really “gay?”

As Perri pursues a career in beauty, his fame and Sex-life increase, but his pain and destructive love-hunger finally culminate in a near-death experience. Read about gay heartache, separation, and—by God’s grace—survival. When Mother and Aunt Bernardine are there for him at his lowest point, Perri realizes that, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, family love and good memories form a foundation for the hard times of life.

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Chapters 22-28:

Strap yourself in for an engrossing trip on the road to homosexuality. Perri’s tear-wrenching account of family adultery, divorce, remarriage, and secret sexual abuse returns to Perri’s remarkable childhood, and takes you through one child’s personal despair, desperation, and bizarre experience of a punishment laced with homosexual overtones

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Chapters 29-35:

In these chapters your life will be touched by the true account of a young man’s confrontation with suicide and the shocking story of how Perri’s stepdad, diagnosed with mental illness, tried to kill him. Read about Pastor Perri’s surprise meeting with Derrick in a steam bath and, later, his amazing vision of things to come that would change his life immensely.

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Chapters 36-42:

Read about spousal abuse so extreme it nearly ends in murder. You will be touched by the thrilling story of Pastor Perri’s spiritual awakening in the Foursquare Church and the engrossing, true story of his vision of Jesus and the devil. Also, learn of Perri’s gay lover, “James Bond,” who was indeed a secret agent like 007!

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Chapters 43-49:

In these chapters, you will read how Perri’s secret gay life was discovered by his beloved Mother, and of the intense storm of emotions that followed. You’ll be moved to compassion as the author recounts his personal experience of “coming out of the closet,” his time in jail, the hilarious story of the induction, and how an angel of darkness came to claim his soul. Get ready to laugh, and also to shed a tear or two as you read Perri’s story of “Fights and Fancies.”

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Chapters 50-56:

You’ll laugh and laugh as Pastor Perri’s tells his story of dressing in drag and of his beautiful “drag queen” friends. And you’ll be utterly spellbound by his story of how God used him to save two Catholic Nuns being stalked by a dark, mysterious man. Then, Perri pulls you to even greater heights of enjoyment as he recounts his story of spiritual victory after a tumultuous breakup with his lover. Finally, his exciting, factual account of meeting Jesus on the mountain! Homosexuality exposed like never before!

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Chapters 57-60:

In these chapters, you will enjoy reading about how Pastor Perri met his second lover, their million-dollar look home, Perri’s “beauty salon to the stars,” and the engaging, thrilling story of how Jesus called him to a triumphant salvation and restoration. Homosexuality unmasked like never before!

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Chapters 61-67:

In these chapters, you will read about Pastor Perri’s exciting walk with God and how God made life worth living for him. Then, in an enlightening passage, Pastor Perri tells what God showed him about “how homosexuality takes hold” in a person’s life. These amazing chapters will teach you facts about the brain, how to find deliverance from any kind of bondage, how to tap into the power of the Blood of Jesus and how to “reprint” your thinking. It’s a very sensitive guide on how to minister to a gay person—from one who’s been there.

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Chapters 68-74:

Pastor Perri teaches plainly that heterosexual marriage and sex are not the cure-all for homosexuality. See how parents influence a child’s sexual development and learn how to protect your child from being molested. These chapters explore the pitfalls of Internet sex, give readers a history of sex, and provide a gripping account of what really happened in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Also engrossing are Pastor Perri’s teachings on the Antichrist, the real truth about AIDS, biological and germ warfare, and gripping truths about The Last Days and what to expect!

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Chapters 75-79:

In these chapters, your understanding will change, as Pastor Perri reveals the real truth about witches, their hidden agendas, and how to protect yourself, your family, and your beloved church. Pastor Perri also teaches how christians are being attacked, and how to keep standing your ground, walking in true victory! Then, you will be utterly amazed as you read the prophetic word that God gave to Pastor Perri. Also riveting, is his story of a fallen angel that tries to fool him again. And then, his heart felt story of the sparrow and the ant. In these chapters you will also find the Epilogue and Pastor Perri’s contact information. This book will leave you feeling released, enlightened and in deeper touch with truth! And, homosexuality will be revealed like never before!

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